Model-Based Design

Model-Based Design provides a single environment for developing safety critical systems summary and process control systems. Model-Based Design includes all the tools necessary to meet the rigorous development requirements for safety critical systems and process control systems.

Development time is reduced significantly since a design model is a container of both the system’s functional behavior and the detailed description.  Model-Based Design automates error prone and time-consuming tasks which also reduces the development time associated with code and document generation, test execution, and model checks.

Simulation of the protection and control systems behavior provides the ability to examine the interaction between individual components and between the protection and control systems early in the development lifecycle. Errors in requirements and design are discovered early increasing the quality of the final product.

Model-Based Design provides the ability to build and simulate a mathematical or a physical model of plant dynamics. The plant’s mathematical or physical model can be simulated with the protection and control systems to examine the overall system behavior and tune the systems before testing on expensive hardware.