Protection Systems


Highly Integrated Protection System (HIPS)

The highly integrated protection system (HIPS) is designed to provide a robust platform for safety-related and important-to-safety applications. The HIPS Platform is based on the fundamental I&C design principles of

  • Independence
  • Redundancy
  • Diversity and defense-in-depth
  • Predictability and repeatability

Developed to provide a simple and reliable solution for nuclear power plant I&C applications, the HIPS Platform meets the guidelines and requirements of the NRC’s regulatory guides and applicable IEEE standards.

Based upon field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, which has been previously approved by the NRC for safety-related applications, the HIPS Platform is a simple analog and digital logic-based system, comprised of just four module types. The four module types can be interconnected to implement a single discrete safety channel or a full reactor protection system (RPS) consisting of many discrete safety channels across multiple divisions.

The hybrid analog and digital logic-based system takes advantage of the well proven analog safety channel approach of existing protection system architectures while also taking advantage of digital logic to provide comprehensive diagnostics and self-testing capabilities.

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has reviewed the HIPS Platform and determined that the four HIPS Platform modules and their design features can be configured to meet the fundamental DI&C principles of independence, redundancy, predictability and repeatability, and diversity and defense in depth. The NRC as concluded that the HIPS Platform is acceptable for use in safety-related I&C systems.

Contact RCI to learn how the HIPS Platform can offer solutions to your protection system obsolescence issues by replacing a single safety channel, a complete division of safety channels, or a full replacement of a protection system. The HIPS Platform offers many options for management of protection system obsolescence.